In the beginning, I felt a bit odd entering the cosmetic industry as a Naturopathic Doctor.

What will my current patients think? What will my colleagues think? Will it change my credibility as a Doctor? Will it make me look vain?

These were my concerns because it was a big decision. I won’t lie, at the beginning I felt a bit uncomfortable. But I don’t anymore. The truth is, I love it. I love it because it allows me to be creative and artistic. I can be a safe place for women and men to come and talk to about small insecurities that can be adjusted without extreme results. I can boost confidence by giving compliments and not pushing treatments that are unnecessary. As a Naturopathic physician, I believe in a minimalist approach and restoring a persons natural hyaluronic acid that diminishes as we age.

Some would argue that cosmetic injectables are very similar to why one would colour their hair. Some choose to rock the grey (which I think is awesome), and others want to colour their hair (which is also awesome). Everyone makes a choice. Our society has many options when it comes to the beauty industry (some would argue too many), but at least it gives women and men the choice. I want men and women to be able to make that choice without judgement. Judgment can be a nasty thing. It can silently linger in the background and creep up out of no where when we walk into a room. It can also just be our imagination and an outcome of our own insecurities. I want to boost confidence and help diminish small insecurities if I can.

Cosmetic injections are something that people can decide to hide or share. But many don’t want others to know that they get botox or their lips done, for example. I completely respect and understand either decision and confidentiality is always honoured. I choose to share the things I do on my instagram to soften the stigma around cosmetic injections and welcome feedback and questions that it may create. If you don’t already follow me and are interested in learning more, I welcome you to.