Deoxycholic Acid

Put your best chin forward.

BELKYRA™ – Double Chin Reduction

If you are bothered by fullness under the chin, you are not alone. A number of factors can contribute to the dreaded “double chin” including: genetics, aging and weight gain.

Approved by both FDA and Health Canada, BELKYRA™ is the first (and only!) non-surgical treatment in Canada to improve chin fullness. 

What is BELKYRA™?

BELKYRA™ (known as Kybella® in the United States) is an injectable used to improve the profile and reduce moderate to severe amounts of fat under the chin.

BELKYRA™ treatments are specifically used for under the chin (not anywhere else on the body) and must be administered by a trained professional. 

How many treatments are required?

Results and recommended treatments vary with each individual but most people experience optimal results with BELKYRA™ after 4 to 6 treatments—up to 6 treatments may be administered.


Who shouldn't use BELKYRA™?

You should not use BELKYRA™ if you are:

  • allergic to deoxycholic acid or any of the non-medicinal ingredients in the formulation
  • have an infection in your chin or neck area where the product will be injected

For a full list, please consult with your physician and BELKYRA™ administrator directly. 

How many BELKYRA™ treatments will I need?

Optimal BELKYRA™ results can be seen in 2 to 4 treatments. Up to 6 treatments may be used. Results vary for each individual. 

Is there downtime associated with BELKYRA™?

BELKYRA™ is a non-surgical treatment with essential zero downtime While you may experience mild swelling and/or bruising afterwards, this is normal and will reduce on its own in approximately one week.

To help reduce tightness or swelling, patience can massage the area a few times a day. For additional post-treatment information, book your consultation with Dr. Iverson.  

How does BELKYRA™ work?

BELKYRA™ is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the area under the chin to improve your profile. Containing a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid (which imitates naturally occurring deoxycholic acid), the injection works to permanently breakdown fat.

The best solution.

The first and only injectable treatment in Canada that targets and eliminates fat cells under the chin.

20 Minutes

Treatments are quick, safe and can be performed in office/spa.

2-4 Treatments

Most BELKYRA™ patient experience visible improvement in the appearance of their chin. Up to 6 treatments may required.

BELKYRA™ PATIENT Transformations

Used: 3 Treatment Sessions with BELKYRA

Lasts: Results are permanent.

Approx. Cost: Starting at $1000

Used: 3 Treatment Sessions with BELKYRA

Lasts: Results are permanent.

Approx. Cost: Starting at $1000

Used: 5 Treatment Sessions with BELKYRA

Lasts: Results are permanent. 

Approx. Cost: Starting at $1000

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